Sins, a New Year, and a “New” You

Tashlich, an important part of yesterday’s Jewish new year, is one of my favorite traditions. The synagogues’s congregation gathers near a body of running water to “cast their sins” in the form of pocket lint or bread crumbs to symbolize releasing the old that does not serve us so we can focus on what does. We joked with the rabbi that my 9.5 week old son didn’t have any sins to cast (especially because he […]

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From Chaos to Clarity: A Hurricane of Productivity

A glass containing half its size in water can be perceived as “still a lot left,” “half empty,” or, as the joke about the engineer or project manager goes, twice as large as it needs to be. It’s all about perspective. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma were devastating. I don’t want to minimize that. And rather than just look on the bright side, I got to wondering, just what did Mother Nature have in mind when […]

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Hurricane Harvey: The #1 Way to Save 180 Billion Dollars

Harvey, Irma, Jose, Mexico City, Nepal…as hurricanes and earthquakes continue to devastate, we would be remiss if we didn’t take at least one lesson and make some change. Joumor Principles (JP): Preparation Prevents Panicking Prepare for Famine During Feast Backup, Backup, Backup Eat Before You’re Hangry Do what you CAN It’s so easy (and fun) to be lulled into a sense of safety and security when things are going well. But when the winds hit […]

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How to Organize Lots of Stuff

This is the perfect weekend to get organized. Last week we talked about Knowing Yourself– that self-awareness is an integral part of achieving optimal productivity. There’s a simple aspect that you might find helpful to get you started once you articulate it to yourself: old vs new. When it comes time to sort through things, I’ve found that there tend to be two camps of what people consider to be the easiest- the old and the new. […]

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How Self-Awareness Improves Productivity [Joumor CEO Rise Tool]

Most people balk when they hear “self-awareness.” Why? Although we generally find ourselves to be the most fascinating topic, self-awareness can imply a certain responsibility.   If we know we’re being irrational and unfair, doesn’t that make it worse than if we didn’t know? But there’s an opportunity in self-awareness: Clarity. And this clarity can: Save time Make us work more efficiently Facilitate decision-making Save or increase our money Lower stress… When we know what works […]

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How to Move In Together [Organizing]

One of my Joumor assistants was planning to move into her boyfriend’s apartment next week while he’d be out of town. When I gave her some advice about it during our session, she suggested making it this week’s newsletter, so here goes! Last week we talked about the Hierarchy of Organizing, and Relationships are at the top. Here’s the funny thing about the Joumor Philosophy: the whole point is clutter-free connection– making our relationships as good as […]

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