Prime Real Estate: How To Organize Your Stuff, Space and Time: Part I

We care about some things more than others. When we can articulate that care and organize accordingly we can optimize our efficiency AND our environment. This foundational Joumor concept is called Prime Real Estate. Why do people pay high prices to live in tiny apartments in Manhattan? You know the adage: Location, Location, Location! Joumorous Prime Real Estate is defined by: 1. Value: Most people don’t use their passports everyday, but they keep them in […]

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How To Find Strength in Your Own Resistance

Bike ride through New Forest

Joumor is Joy + Humor. But how do we access this? Riding my bike yesterday through New Forest, near Burley, England, I encountered a Joumorous irony: sometimes allowing things to be harder makes them easier. The path was gravelly, but after awhile I got the hang of the bumpiness and found speed. Zipping under the forest’s canopy with fallen trees on one side and wild horses grazing on the other was magnificent. But then the […]

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It takes 9 months to make a…

It takes 9 months to make a… Joumor’s Reorganize Yourself Kit! “Everything takes longer than you think.” –Sue Fisch, my mother Did you ever get an idea to do something, get really excited, and then years later look back and wonder why it never came into reality? In addition to the work of making my first product, here are some of the unexpected challenges I encountered: The designer’s files were erased The printer forgot to […]

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It Takes a Village…To Clean Your Room

Growing up, I had the kind of kids’ room you see in movies- a safety hazard with stuff everywhere. My parents tried to make it better- they cajoled, threatened or insisted, but only one thing worked: a family member who was feeling relaxed would come and sit in my room and read. (It was the 80’s, there was nothing else to do!) They read quietly, and I took great pleasure in cleaning my room with […]

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How To Stand Up To Anxiety With 3 Simple Words

Over the Falls

The first and last time I ever “surfed” I was sixteen, in Hannah, Hawaii. My friend promised me it “wasn’t that hard,” and the 5 foot waves “weren’t that big.” Did I mention I’m from New Jersey? I had just barely managed to stand up when a wave caught me, and moments later I went “over the falls.” If you’ve never had the pleasure, over the falls means the wave gives you a smackdown: you […]

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It’s 9am, Do You Know Where Your Important Documents Are?

Joumor is having your important documents

I had just turned 25 in 2002 when my dear Grandma Syd died. She was almost 93. Instead of moving to Queens, I moved into Grandma’s apartment in the East Village of Manhattan to help my family empty her legacy and prepare the apartment to sell. The time came to submit the papers to the Co-op Board (a group of people who run the building) and the original deed was needed. Grandma was very organized, […]

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