When You Don’t Know … You Don’t Know

Joumor - Admitting you know know is strength

“Man is free only when he is able to realize and accept his limitations.” –Friedrich Nietzsche One of my Clarity, Action & Discipline students began shaking her head during class the other day. (We’re all on video in little boxes on the screen like the Brady Bunch). “I know you said there’s always an I don’t know pile,” she said, “but I just tend to ignore it because I know I still don’t know.” (She […]

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What will it take to seize the day?

You don't have forever...

“We’re not in a camp in Syria.” –Sue Fisch, my mother, putting things in perspective. Brittany Maynard was a beautiful and seemingly (if you saw her) healthy 29-year-old who made use of the Death with Dignity Law in Oregon last week. She had a recurrent brain tumor and had been given 6 months to live. Suffering though she was, she, her parents and her husband created adventures that were items on her bucket list. Brittany […]

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Why Productivity Literature is WRONG

Trapeze Lesson

Most current productivity literature talks about “tackling” the hardest thing first. That’s a nice idea for those of us whose personalities love the adrenaline rush of clutching our way to the top of the mountain, or lifting that heavy weight and feeling the burrrrrn. But what about the rest of us? Not all of us want to jump out of planes, no matter how “good it is to do things outside our comfort zone,” but […]

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How Novelty (And A Phone Call) Are Good For Your Brain

Did you know our behaviors and thoughts can be clutter? Not just metaphorically-literally, brain interference. Our brain is constantly responding to our choices, especially the prefrontal cerebral cortex, (PFC), the decision maker, or “CEO,” of our brains, and our choices are greatly influenced by our brain health. One Joumorous principle is Rutted thinking– when you think the same thought again and again but you don’t take action, it drives you deeper into despair. When you […]

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How to Prepare for the Unpreparable For

Joumor is decreasing anxiety through planning online

“That’s why we have to party every day.” –Sue Fisch, my mother The last two weeks have been hard for many of us. Death, disease, and war are always happening, but I made the mistake of listening to the news and somehow the litany seemed more unrelenting than usual. Well, that was depressing! So where does Joumor come in? After public speaking, • Death • Divorce and • Moving are people’s Top 3 Most Stressful […]

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Prime Real Estate: How To Organize Your Stuff, Space and Time: Part II

Everything is a decision. Even if you haven’t stood in wonder in a cereal or toothpaste aisle, you are making decisions all day long. Some are small-which shirt, what size coffee, which train…and some are big-which partner, which city, which school…decisions, decisions! Have you heard of decision fatigue? That’s when the prefrontal cerebral cortex, the CEO of our brains, responsible for high and low level decision-making, gets tired. This tiredness interferes with our ability to […]

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