It’s 9am, Do You Know Where Your Important Documents Are?

Joumor is having your important documents

I had just turned 25 in 2002 when my dear Grandma Syd died. She was almost 93. Instead of moving to Queens, I moved into Grandma’s apartment in the East Village of Manhattan to help my family empty her legacy and prepare the apartment to sell. The time came to submit the papers to the Co-op Board (a group of people who run the building) and the original deed was needed. Grandma was very organized, […]

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Your Hidden $$ Isn’t Under Your Mattress, Part I

About 5 years ago, my client and I were reorganizing her kitchen and dining room in her weekend home. Each time we opened a cabinet, we found a package of paper napkins. They were under the sink, up in the closet, even tucked in near the pots. It started to feel like a scavenger hunt, and the more we found, the more we laughed. In the end, she had 10 packages of 500 paper napkins. […]

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The Most Common Mistake People Make When Making A To-Do List

Why do we accomplish some things on our To Do Lists and others just sit there? Because we are not specific. This leads to the most popular yet elusive culprit of this century: (dum da da dummmmm): Overwhelm. We don’t understand why we’re overwhelmed, but we avoid things that give us this vague feeling of danger or discomfort. Think of it evolutionarily: If we feel like we might get eaten by a tiger if we […]

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3 Commitments to Make Your Birthday Perfect Every Day


Hello my dear people, Thank you to those who sent your 2014 Goals. I loved seeing them! Today is my birthday. I am grateful to be one year more me-ish, which has been made possible by those who love and support me…. as well as my luck to be alive. There is a Chassidic tradition that your star shines brightest on your birthday, thus it is the best day to bless others. But really, every […]

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The Simplest Step to Make This Your Year

joumor clutter

Happy holidays. I hope you are feeling satisfied and loved! Today is a bittersweet day for me, as it is the one year anniversary of the death of my hero, a man whom I loved deeply. He became my client when he was about 87 and I got to know him over the next five years through in-person visits and also through his daily private blog. Never did a more Joumorous person exist. Reorganizing, and […]

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