CEO Rise – live your vision

Do you want to achieve your best on a daily basis? In CEO Rise you will will improve your habits and declutter your stuff, space, time and habits by focusing on building self-awareness and fortifying your infrastructure

rsz_ceo_rise_00000CEO Rise is a 12 month*, customized 1-1 training program that teaches organization, productivity, and self-awareness to individuals. Many of my clients have ADD, ADHD, OCD, and PTSD. They want to improve their habits and declutter themselves in order to achieve their best on a daily basis.

Whether you’re a CEO, entrepreneur, or simply a motivated individual, CEO Rise will support you to declutter your stuff, space, time and habits so that your body, business, dreams and relationships can thrive. CEO Rise is designed to get YOU where YOU want to go, in the way that YOUR brain works.

How does CEO Rise work?

Many programs rely on you doing most or all of the work yourself. In CEO Rise, you will work directly with Joumor founder Leah Fisch and have weekly support to deal with every single thing that needs dealing with – whether it’s creating job descriptions for your team or going through a difficult stack of mail. Leah’s non-judgemental focus will have you doing tasks and completing projects you might have lost hope were possible, and you won’t have to do them alone.

First CEO Rise session

In your first session with Leah, you will articulate 3 specific GOALS.

Here are some examples of CEO Rise client goals:

  • FULLY organizing your environments-implementing systems, maintaining and adjusting them over time
  • Delegating/training your support staff or personal assistant to the highest degree
  • Whittling down your possessions to keep only what you love
  • Hosting events
  • Traveling 1x/month or more
  • Teaching your children organization skills
  • Modeling efficiency to your partner, employees, and family
  • Moving
  • Mastering your schedule
  • Closing ALL energy drains so that the thorns of the unfinished become the seeds of your goals
  • Creating a timeline to make the best sense of all moving parts of your big project so you can track them and reorganize confidently as things unfold
  • Fortifying your infrastructure so you can manage change in a streamlined manner
  • Habit building in
    • entrepreneurship
    • exercise
    • money tracking

….so you know your baseline can never fall too far, even in hard times.

One year with CEO Rise

Once your goals are created, using an online Grand To-Do List, you and Leah will work together on a weekly basis to move forward and follow up on your main goals. Lots of things in your life will change along the way, but we won’t be sidetracked by your success! We will continue to take steps to achieve and track your goals until they are complete.

Whether you are the CEO of your business, your family, or your life, you embody the 5 main aspects of all CEO’s:

  • Visionary: You know what your life and business could achieve, and you are not hindered by the limited thinking of most people
  • Dedication: You will do this no matter what. Whether you achieve your desired goals or something different, you are not a quitter.
  • Delegation: Unlike many micromanagers, you are willing to let experts and friends help you achieve what is best for you AND for your team.
  • Willingness: You understand that your tremendous talents have been blocked and you are willing to do what it takes to fully pursue your talents, even if that means confronting your fears and old habits, and leaving your ego behind.
  • Awareness: You are interested in becoming self-aware to create mastery in your business and your life. You take responsibility for your choices especially regarding how they relate to your values.

The Joumor methodology

As you learn the Joumor methodology during these 12 months, you will literally declutter your environment and become more organized and productive with your

  • Resources
  • Time planning
  • Goal achievement

Part of the focus of CEO Rise is to increase your self-awareness of your own behaviors. The better you understand how you tick, the better able you will be able to plan and accomplish goals in a way that works best for you. The consistency of the sessions means that very little can fall through the cracks. Whatever you are not able to complete on your own we will address in the very next session in live time, either completing it immediately, or making an itemized plan to complete it on your own. Decreasing your overwhelm means your habits, skills, reliability and pride in accomplishment can and will improve greatly during our year together.

What is included in the program?

  • 1 monthly Productivity Power Skype session with Leah up to 3 hours
  • 2 scheduled Skype or phone sessions/month up to 45 minutes with Leah OR Joumor assistant OR Expert
  • 2 Awareness-Building Accomplishment Calls/month with Joumor Assistant
  • Email/text support as needed


As needed time with Experts such as:

  • Technology Organizer using the Joumor system
  • Power in Communications and Sales Trainer
  • Credit Card Specialist for optimizing your miles and points, also addressing debt
  • Corporate Event Planner
  • Mentor/Therapist, addressing core beliefs and behavior
  • Financial Planner with Merrill Lynch to analyze your current and goal situation
  • Ayurvedic Productivity Expert to organize your day around your energy and nature

One FREE ticket/access to ANY Joumor Institute in-person class, Game or online class. (You or a guest may attend a single time on the house. Additional attendance will be 50% of the ticket price, except for the Mastermind, which is not included in this offer).

Together we will:

  • Determine 1-3 goals
  • Create a comprehensive plan to achieve your goals
  • Determine acceptable results
  • Track and adjust plan as needed

Price: $3850/month with a 12 month commitment

Contact Leah Fisch to discuss how to
become a CEO Riser