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Do you really want it, or just want to complain?

“Don’t complain to me if you’re not going to do anything about it.” – Grover to Otis, Kicking and Screaming, 1995, directed by Noah Baumbach (my favorite movie 🙂 Do what it takes There are things you say you want. But are you willing to do what it takes to get them? It’s not original or unusual- in fact it’s pervasive: Most people “want” things but would never do what it takes to get there. […]

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The Procrastination Protector

Hillary Rettig is a procrastination expert who writes and speaks about it frequently. Years ago I attended a talk where she said, “People procrastinate because they want to avoid the same failure they’ve had in the past.” It struck me, and I never forgot it- the compassionate view on procrastination appealed to me. We avoid things that make us feel bad– procrastination in that case, or in the case of something we are scared of, […]

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The Erotic Freedom of Decluttering

As a 25 year-old who had traveled internationally a fair amount on her own, I considered myself rather worldly. When I began this work of organizing and decluttering, I entered into a whole new world- the interior one of the mind, that was new and much more textured and intricate than international travel. To me the process of organizing and decluttering was straightforward- things weren’t the way people wanted them to be. They needed a little or […]

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What do Passover, Productivity, and Joumor Have In Common?

One word. FREEDOM. Passover is the biblical story of the Jewish people being freed from slavery in Egypt, wandering in the desert for 40 years, and finally arriving in the land of Israel after all sorts of wacky miracles occur. It’s a dramatic tale with lots of gore and nailbiting adventures….What I like about Passover are the rich metaphors, and aside from the storytelling and the enormous annual feast laden with tradition, each year I […]

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I planked my way into my jeans, thank you

“I planked my way into my jeans, thank you.” This was the email I received from my 78-year-old mother, Sue Fisch. Last year we made a commitment to lose 6 pounds-I lost 7, she lost 11. But still her favorite pair of jeans wouldn’t close. I was concerned that she wanted to lose 5 more pounds for those jeans. “Ma, you have no fat left on your body!” “Ohhhh yes I do,” she’d say, grabbing […]

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How My Authenticity Got me Featured on TLC’s Hit TV Show Hoarding: Buried Alive

Watch episode [VIDEO] 2009 was a hard year for many between the Great Recession and subsequent financial and personal doubt infiltrating the world. I was nurturing a new business in NYC that I had just created in September 2008. In addition, I was struggling with another situation that I didn’t understand. The thyroid medication I had been stable on for about 15 years suddenly changed its formula at the end of 2008 without telling anyone- […]

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