“Make your friends happy, and your brain, too.”






Play Joumor’s amazing new card game Spotlight. Spotlight gives you the opportunity to express appreciation and love for a friend, family member, or colleague through fun and silly structured activities. Studies show that when Person A witnesses Person B doing a kind things for Person C, all THREE people experience an increase in serotonin, the feel good social hormone found in humans. Playing Spotlight will Literally make you feel great!

This brand new game from Joumor helps you celebrate with your friends and family. Productivity specialist and Joumor creator Leah Fisch has designed this game so that you can celebrate your friends, colleagues, and family AND help your brain, too!

Who should play:

Age: 6+

Number of players: 4+ (ideally 6-12 people)

When to play:

The goal of Spotlight is to unitask and celebrate one person. It could be that person’s birthday, job promotion, or she/he is feeling sad…the simple goal is to have fun with people who appreciate you.

How to play:

  2. Each Spotlight card has an icon at the bottom indicating who will perform the action:
    • Spotlight- the person being celebrated
    • Reader- the person who picked the card
    • Reader +1- the person who picked the card chooses 1 other person to perform the activity
    • Reader +2- the person who picked the card chooses 2 other people to perform the activity
    • Everybody- everyone playing EXCEPT Spotlight
  3. Anyone except the Spotlight can begin the game by simply picking a card and the person/people corresponding to the icon performs the action. Whoever picks the card passes the deck to the left when the action has been completed.

Card dimensions:

  • 3.5″ x 2.5″ (Standard 52-card deck size)


ONLY $19.99!

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What customers say about Spotlight:

“I just received the cards and my daughter and I played twice today. She LOVES it!” -Christy Lightowlers, Canada

“Wow, Leah, thank you! You are a genius! I LOVE Spotlight!” -Nell Daniel, Artist, Brooklyn, NY

“Last night we had dinner with man and my stepson and played Spotlight and it was SO MUCH FUN.
My 8 yr old stepson didn’t want to stop playing it, and was hysterically funny doing the tasks assigned.
He wrote a Haiku about me, even though he didn’t know what one was, and it said I was awesome in all 3 lines! I bought 11 games and will be distributing them among friends and family.” – Clare Stevenson Monteau, Consultant, Albany, NY

“What I liked about Spotlight was the joy and humor I felt playing as we celebrated our friend Lysa. I am definitely in a much better mood than I was before I played.” -Michelle Saltz, Organic Farm Owner, Larchmont, NY

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