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Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee: If you have attended at least 10 classes and show that you have completed all homework and you are still unsatisfied, we will happily refund your investment in full.  If you do the first class and find this is not for you, we will refund you in full.

FAQ’s: Frequently Asked Questions

about Clarity, Action, & Discipline 

Why Would I Take The Class? 

You would take this class if you feel overwhelmed and KNOW you can do better in your work or your life. You would take this class if you are Ready and Open to becoming your ultimate self through PRACTICAL activities like clearing your desk and writing and accomplishing to do lists. You would take this class if you need help.

Why should I listen to you, Leah?

I have struggled through the challenges of disorganization, hopelessness, and overwhelm and found my way out. I have been teaching and learning this every day for over 12 years and I am right there with you– it is my journey, too.

Is there any kind of a guarantee?

There are never any guarantees, but if you work it it works. And if you work it and still desire your money back, it’s yours.

Is this class for beginners or advanced students?

It’s for students of all levels, from hoarders to CEO’s. The key is your attitude and desire to go higher, not your existing level of organization.

How do we attend online?

The program is called Fuze. We will all be visible on-screen during class. If you cannot use a computer, you may call in from your phone.

How are the classes structured?

You will learn the tools to assess your goals and achieve them one by one. You will be held accountable to accomplish what YOU DECIDE you want to accomplish. Curriculum will be taught each class with plenty of time for discussion and participation is highly expected.

I have a busy schedule with work, family and other commitments.  Is there a lot of homework between classes?

The homework is organizing and making your life the way you want, so, yes. How much you do is completely up to you.

How will these classes save me money?

There are no guarantees (see question #3 ;) but you will find things you had and didn’t realize and therefore buy fewer things by using what you have. You may also find your inclination to buy stuff decreases. You’ll also learn lots of tricks to save $$ directly, like lowering your phone bill, etc.

Will I receive any support between classes?

Yes. There are email follow-ups, online documents, and a  Facebook group. You may also contact my assistant and myself for additional questions. You will also be working with your classmates if you have time between classes.

My situation is unique and complicated. Will I get what I need?

There are no guarantees. If you stand for yourself to continue asking for what you need, there is a great chance you will get it.

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